Harmonica Lessons

Harmonica Lessons

My professional background is education and engineering, I was a telecoms lecturer at the University of Wollongong. I’ve drawn on these skills when creating my online harmonica lessons.

I have two harmonica teaching sites: Harmonica Academy, and Academia de la Armonica (in Spanish).

The philosophy behind the lessons is:

  1. A gradual approach to learning. The initial lessons assume no prior knowledge, each new lesson is a moderate step on from the one before. Students with previous experience pick their starting point, all students progress at an even pace
  2. Each new idea has an audio sample, heard through online players. Students learn by running the players over and again. This repetition, essential to learning, is more easily done with audio players than with video rewinds.
  3. Most harmonica students seek blues instruction, the course has a full blues program. Others however want to play folk tunes, the course has a separate section for this

These ideas work. Since 2005 many thousands have passed through the virtual doors of my various online harmonica schools. Click here to find out what they think.

Living in Sydney?

Starting 2015, Tony Eyers is taking private students.

Please get in touch if you’d like one on one lessons.